Specialty Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktails

Blackberry Basil Lemonade
Blackberry and Basil carry a summertime favorite through all of our Florida Seasons. Domani’s Epic Vodka Lemonade. Simply amazing.

Moscow Mule
Our version of the first mainstream Vodka cocktail created in 1941, with vodka, lime and Ginger Beer.

American Mule
Cool Apple Pie. Spiced Apple infused American Harvest Vodka with a touch of honey and lemon, topped off with Angry Orchard Cider. This fall drink will keep you wanting more!

Cool Hand Cuke
We’re all jazzed up about our Miller’s Gin Gimlet! Refreshing cucumber, basil and a splash of Maschio Prosecco!

Corpse Reviver
This delicious cocktail was the first “hair of the dog” cocktail to aid your ailments prior to the debut of the Bloody Mary. A bright and refreshing Miller’s Gin, Cointreau and lemon match!

El Diablo
This Devilish-yet-Heavenly combination of lime, Cassis and Reposado Tequila is a crowd pleasing classic!

Bee Sting
Fresh lemon juice, local honey and good Ol’ American Moonshine.

Plum Pearl
Champagne and Caviar, but our down home version. Rye Whiskey, lemon, plum and little pearls of plum perfection. Treat yourself.

Proper Old Fashioned
We don’t always drink an Old Fashioned, but when we do, we drink them proper. Sophisticated yet simple. On the ROCK!

Baker’s Bourbon
We’re all about family in Seminole Heights. This cocktail is a nod to one of our own. His favorite and soon to be yours. Buffalo Trace, Mint and Orange finished off with Ginger Beer. You’ll thank Mr. Baker later.

Red Hook
Velvety Luxardo, Punta Mes and Buffalo Trace matures our Manhattan. Deceptively decadent. Use caution.